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Welcome to my blog!

Here i will be discussing everything that bothers me in life, from lifestyle, fashion, football, gambling, latest news and anything else you can image!

I dont expect any kind of recognition or following. So if you came across my blog by accident and you dont like it, no problem at all. We are cool…

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Delmore and I am originally from Boston and I now live in London. Its a long story how i ended up in London but in a few words, I like travelling and I like Europe. So I decided to settle somewhere where i can travel a lot around Europe. I am in my mid 30s and I am single, hunting for a serious girlfriend for the last 2 years without success. If i suddenly stop updating this blog then it probably means i found one 🙂

My hobbies

I have a few hobbies but my top 4 are:

  • Travelling

I love traveling. I have traveled to more than 15 countries in the last 10 years ( 16 to be precise). My top 3 destinations at the moment are Greece , Malaysia and New Zealand.

I still want to go to Hawaii but I always think its too far and costs a lot so unless i retire and make a lot of money i cant do that.

Never say never though and who knows maybe one day I will make so much money that I wont need to work anymore and have all the time and money to do it! Believing is the first step to achieving anything in my opinion! 🙂


  • Football

I play football and i also enjoy watching football. I play for a local team here in London as a midfielder and I have to say i am quite good 😉

I support West Ham because i believe its the best club in the world with the best fans in the world and the best players in the word ( I am not bias I am just a West Ham fan).

We might not be as strong as in the past but as a true West Ham and football fan i don’t care about this so much. All im bothered about is to watch my team playing, to go to the football ground with my mates, cheer for the goals and analyze the game afterwards. The moment i see the West Ham players in the pitch, I feel complete and I just sing!



  • Gambling

Ok, i know this is not something that a lot of you will find interesting but its something that i enjoy a lot and I do on a regular basis. I usually play online at some well known online bookmakers. I like betting and casino games and slots specifically. Before you judge me for mentioning that, i alway play with my spare money and since i don’t smoke or drink, I like to spend some money in gambling. Sometimes I even make money so I am twice as happy :).

There are a few sites i visit regularly to get all my gambling info but i will only mention one here because it has really helped me to understand a lot about slot machine games, I like the way they review and present online casinos and because its a dedicated site for slots it has only this kind of info. For example when i wanted to find out more about the William Hill slots section, i just looked at their William Hill casino review . If you are into online gambling you can check it out.

  • Trash TV

Yes, i love watching trash TV. From Big Brother, to TOWIE and Ex on the Beach and Love Island! I watch them all ( and yes I am a guy!) . I find it fascinating how people behave on these shows and how arrogant , silly and selfish some people can be. I also watch some of them because the women that are in there are just amazing!

  • Celebs New

Yes i follow all of them on twitter and i am on top of whats happening in the celebrities world. Not that i am so noosy, its just an easy topic to chat about and definitely a topic to chat with a potential girlfriend 🙂

Thats it for now folks. i will update you next month with my first proper article!