Why I want to go to Hawaii

I could just write an article about how awesome Hawaii is and why people like it in general. But I wont do that. Be ause this blog is not about other people but about my personal views on various areas! Yes I am talking about myself, but that’s the reason i created this blog. Not to make money, not to become an Influence r or whatever this is. I just wanted to express myself on this blog. Here we go then

 Hawaii: My dream destination

I have been in many places until now. Europe, Asia, Australia, USA but I am always keen to do the one trip to Hawaii! I know Hawaii is not an easy to reach destination, especially if you are based in Europe. It is actually the same thing as going to Australia….and people go to Australia once in their lifetime usually ( unless they have family there which is different).

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Hawaii is made up of eight main islands, all of which are unique in their own way. I want to go to all of them with priority to Hawaii, Oahu and Maui

So my main reasons that I want o go to this heaven on earth place are:

  • The weather! Even though Hawaii has a winter on paper, it doesn’t get much colder than 24°C during the day which is amazing! It is summer all year long to the typical vacationer, and shorts and bathing suits are normal attire.
  • Some parts of Hawaii are so beautiful and look the same as they did thousands of years ago. It is quite easy to find a piece of secluded paradise if taking the scenic route, instead of traveling the highways. At least thats what they say
  • Beaches, beaches , beaches
  • The people! Aloha!

I have heard some people moving to one of the islands because they are so beautiful. Who knows , if i go i might become one of them!